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To be methodical and serious, except when it comes to laughing at the mishaps of one’s colleagues.

Daniel is part of the first cohorts of graduates from the Abitibi-Témiscamingue College in Administrative Techniques. Initially with Normick-Perron, he later joined the team at Norbord Industries in La Sarre. He is at the forefront of conducting studies and managing the financial aspects of the factory modernization project. In 2006, he joined LJL Mécanique Inc. where he orchestrated the company’s expansion, its management systems, and its dashboards.

Throughout his career, Daniel has stood out by creating tools, indicators, and financial reports that enable managers to navigate and ensure the sustainability of the business.

Daniel René


To serve customers and employees efficiently with attentiveness and courtesy.

After college, Maryse began her career in the 1980s at Normick-Perron, a company operating in the lumber industry. Initially in administration, she later worked in human resources and employee benefits at Norbord Industries in La Sarre before joining LJL Mécanique Inc.

Maryse played a key role in the company’s rapid growth and the implementation of many of its management systems. Empathy and compassionate listening are part of her DNA. It’s a legacy she has passed on to us.

Maryse Veillette


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