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LJL Mécanique has been offering complete labour rental services, and designing, manufacturing, and repairing parts and equipment for mining and forestry companies across Canada since 1993.

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LJL Mécanique Électrique:
The growth of a project

1993 The adventure

LJL Mécanique Électrique was born from a joint project between Louison Jalbert and Jacques Lafrenière. It started in Jacques’ garage in Authier, in Abitibi-Ouest. The two ex-mechanics began offering mining equipment reconditioning in 1993, after layoffs in the underground division of the Selbaie mine.

1994 Move to Sainte-Germaine-Boulé

Louison and Jacques chose to relocate their highly popular service to Sainte-Germaine-Boulé, which had access to larger premises, in 1994. The offices and the production workshop are still there today!

2007 New generation, same passion

The growing interest in the company’s services led to new members joining the team. The growing family included Gino, Dominic, and Marc Trudel, who took up the torch in 2007 after Louison and Jacques retired. With their knowledge, understanding, and hard work, the Trudels continue to uphold the values of transparency and honesty established by the founders.

2023 Our team today

LJL Mécanique now has 215 carefully selected and qualified employees working in its workshop and at various mining sites across the country. Every day, their professionalism helps us leave our mark on the industry.

Proud partners of the First Nations

Our commitment to supporting the mining industry is boundless. We are excited to expand our horizons and trust with the First Nations in Canada. In partnership with our ally, Métal Marquis, these rewarding relationships have, to date, led to the creation of the Nagjuk joint venture in Nunavut, the Tuugaak joint venture in Nunavik, Utaashkinh joint venture in Nord-du-Québec and Migizi joint venture in Abitibi-Témiscamingue.

The Manik family is the majority shareholder of Nagjuk. Joe Manik and his children King, Doreen, and Lundy are well known in Nunavut communities as they also operate Arctic Traders, a heating and ventilation maintenance company. Nagjuk means “animal horn” in Inuktitut. This name was come up with by Joe and, not surprisingly, it reflects the family’s love of hunting!
Located in Nunavik, Tuugaak is majority owned by Jobie Tukkiapik. Born in Kuujjuaq, a community of 2,300 on the banks of the Koksoak River, Jobie has twice been elected president of the Makivik Corporation, which represents the 14 Inuit communities in Northern Quebec. In addition to being President of Tuugaak, Jobie is the Director of Human Resources Development for the Nunavik Regional Board of Health and Social Services (NRBHSS).
Utaashkinh is majority-owned by Caroline Trudel, a Waswanipi native and member of the Matoush family. Working as a nurse for the Cree Board of Health and Social Services of James Bay (CBHSSJB) since 2006, Caroline is recognized throughout her community.
MIGIZI is owned in majority by Anna and Alex Mapachee, members of the First Nation Abitibiwinni of Pikogan. Anna Mapachee is deeply committed in the education and the equitable sharing of knowledge. She co-founded the Okapi Circle at the Université de Montréal, where she oversaw various workshops. Known as a speaker and a teacher in the Anishinabe language in different institutions, she is dedicated to raise awareness about the realities and challenges faced by the First Nations. Alex Mapachee has been involved in forestry and in the mining industry for several years, as an operator as well as a site supervisor. He also owns an excavation company.Texte anglais:

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